The Story :: Diligence and Discipline

Chanty, maker of high-quality lady footwear favored by international buyers and beautiful women worldwide, was established in Taiwan in 1985.  The company history began as the four brothers from a town called Chang Hwa, worked together in pursuit of their dreams in the shoe business.  During that time, they believed that Taiwan could become a manufacturing center for the shoe industry. They’ve invested their time and money to found their own factory to manufacture and sell shoes.

That factory is now a corporation with annual production quantity of 6.8 millions pairs of shoes (2.8 and 4 millions for China and Vietnam respectively).  While the management headquarter remains in Taiwan, Chanty’s production department was moved to mainland China in 1991 and Vietnam in 1997 due to market competition and expansion.

Twelve production lines altogether in China and Vietnam, the unique combination of manufacturing expertise, exceptional design and rigorous quality control allows Chanty to produce leather/ suede/ synthetic footwear that are as reliable as they are style-oriented.

With great devotion to both our clients and our shoes, Chanty was, is and always will be propelled into great demand by discerning shoe lovers.

The Organization :: Reputable and Realiability 

With more than 25 years of experiences in this field, we are familiar with the procedure of producing all kinds of footwear including sandal, pump, boots, casual close up shoe, slipper, children shoes and etc.  Besides, we have built a very good reputation among our clients regarding shoemaking technology, factory management, as well as unquestionable honesty and loyalty to our clients.